Carrying My Own Weight

"I owe my body an apology. Technically, I owe my body thousands of apologies, for the thousands of times I've accused it, pushed it, starved it, made fun of it, lied about it, hid it, hated it. But now I owe it another on, and I also owe it my gratitude, long overdue, and for... Continue Reading →


Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

Well today's the day. The day that I mailed out my visa application. The day that I've been waiting for for a couple of months now. The day that puts it all in motion. The day that marks the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life. The day that the real waiting begins.... Continue Reading →

Will You Jump?

  It's incredibly easy to stay where it's safe. As humans we crave to not only be safeΒ but also to be in control. We make routines and schedules, we create habits and rituals; all in an effort to comfort ourselves. Our natural instincts tell us to do what we can to make ourselves feel protected... Continue Reading →


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