I’m Not Happy…

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had many people say a very similar sentence to me when we end up talking about all of the changes and events that have been happening in my life: “Wow, I’m so inspired by how positive you are in all of this” Or some sort of variation of... Continue Reading →


Caution! Detour Ahead

To say that this week didn’t exactly go as planned would be an understatement. While there were multiple unfortunate circumstances that arose, one of the ones that affected me the most was finding out that I can no longer leave for Germany when I had planned. Let me explain… Back at the end of June... Continue Reading →

Identity Crisis

Identity can be a funny thing. It changes so quickly and is dependent on so many factors, the biggest of which is people. We base our identity, who we see ourselves as, on how other people perceive us. All too often though the way that other people see us shifts depending on who they are... Continue Reading →


A Letter from Where I’m Headed

Dear Katherina, This is a hard time for you right now, I can see that. You’re in a situation that you never saw coming. One that you had seen happen to many other people but you never thought could happen to you. And that’s a hard place to be in, but there’s something that you... Continue Reading →


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